2020 Shanghai Pulp Week

According to the current situation of epidemic situation and the demand of pulp market development, the paper chamber of Commerce decided to hold the annual meeting of Shanghai pulp week 2020 from September 21-22.

With the further stability of the situation of prevention and control of domestic epidemic, China's economic growth and social order are gradually recovering, the market and demand of paper industry are increasing, and the industry prosperity and confidence begin to recover. It is expected that in the second half of the year, China's pulp and paper industry will gradually return to normal track, creating the basic conditions for the growth of pulp market and the return of value.

The annual meeting will focus on the theme of "recovery and return", aiming at promoting market growth and value return, focusing on the contents of "the impact of global epidemic on pulp industry and market, new capacity of China paper industry, rational face of prohibition of waste and plastic prohibition, contradiction and structural adjustment of raw materials, breakthrough of low-level operation of pulp paper, return to market value, and strengthening cooperation and development of pulp and paper industry chain", In the way of combination of offline and online, the paper industry and pulp market are facing the world. Leaders, experts and professionals of major pulp manufacturing and suppliers, paper enterprises, trade, logistics, equipment, technology enterprises and relevant industry organizations are invited to participate in the meeting.




2020 SPW Annual Meeting Hu Wei Speech

2020 SPW Annual Meeting Zhuang Xiangqun Speech

2020 SPW Annual Meeting Li Zhan Speech

2020 SPW Annual Meeting Metsa CEO Speech

Meeting Materials
Welcome Dinner

Shanghai Pulp Week 2020 Annual Meeting & The 13th CPIDC

Gala Dinner

Time:19:00—21:00, Sep 21st, 2020

Venue:Shanghai Marriot Hotel City Center

Subject:Together, usher in a new era

  • Opening Vedio
  • Welcome Speech: Li Jianhua, Chairman, CPICC; Chairman of the Board, Huatai Group
  • Theme Activity: Together, usher in a new era
  • Drink Toast Together
  • Gala Dinner