2017 Shanghai Pulp Week

From the beginning of 2016, China pulp market has been fluctuating under the impact of a series of factors such as the exchange rate of Dollar and RMB ups and downs, strong demand for dissolving pulp and fluff pulp, the harshest-ever 9.21 Transportation New Deal, more strict policies and measures toward environmental protection, the development of Forest biomass technology, Asia’s largest pulp project put into operation and the upturn of China paper market, which cause the continuously increasing variables in China pulp market in 2017. China pulp market is facing reshuffle.

Under the background of the upcoming market changes, with the joint discussion of CPICC and main pulp and paper mills and purchasers both at domestic and abroad, the program of the 2017 CPICC China International Pulp Forum has been confirmed. Focusing on the main subject and relevant hot topics, we have invited related leaders, industry experts, entrepreneurs and consulting institutions to discuss together and make some speeches, we hope to provide good strategies through this conference for the global pulp industry.



Special Activities
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