2015 Shanghai Pulp Week

As the leading consumer and producer of paper and paperboard globally, China is also the world’s largest importer of pulp and recovered paper.

In 2014, wood pulp consumption in China is estimated to amount to 26.3 million tons, of which 17.8 million tons wereimports. During the same period, China’s recovered paper consumption reached 72 million tons, with 28 million tons imported. As one of few growing markets for pulp worldwide, China has become the focal point of the global market pulp sector. As a result, the development trend of the Chinese pulp market is thus a critical indicator for other markets. Due to the slowdown of Chinese economy and downward trend in the global paper industry, the Chinese pulp and paper industry has faced some key challenges during the last few years. Falling paper and paperboard prices and “undervalued products” led to reduced profits and operational difficulties for many Chinese companies.


2015 China International Pulp Forum


08:45-9:00    Opening Ceremony
                       Organizer's Remarks-Building the High-end Value Chain for the Global Pulp-Paper Industry
                       Li Jianshao, Vice President, CPICC Managing Director, Asia Symbol (Shandong) Pulp and Paper

09:00-10:00   China Paper Industry in the 4.0 Era
                        Dr. Qingyou Guan, Assistant President & Executive Director of the Research Institute,MINSHENG Securities Co.,Ltd.

                       International economic and trade situation and bulk commodity market trends
                        Bai Ming, Deputy Director& Researcher of International Market, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, MOFCOM

10:00-10:30   The Transform Trends and Strategy of China's Pulp Industry
                        Guo Yongxin, Independent Supervisor & Chief Expert of CPICC,Vice Director, Senior Engineer, China National Information Center of Light Industry

10:30-11:00   Current and Future Development Trends of the Global Forest Industry
                        Suvi Anttila, Vice President Pulp and Paper,Poyry Management Consulting

11:00-11:20   Sustainable Development of the Pulp and Paper Companies
                        Paivi Salpakivi-Salomaa, Vice President,Environment and Responsibility UPM

11:20-12:20   CEO Panel Disscussion  The Future Development Strategy for China’s Leading Paper Companies
                        Host: Cao Zhenlei , Adviser of CPICC,Deputy General Manager, China National Household Paper Industry Association
                        Guests:Li Jianhua, President of CPICC, Chairman of Huatai Group
                                        Yang Yanliang, Vice President of CPICC,Chairman of Bohui Paper Group
                                        Li Jianshao, Vice President of CPICC,Managing Director of Asia Symbol (Shandong) Pulp and Paper
                                        Huang Xin, Executive General Manager of China Paper Corporation,General Manager of Tiger Forest and Paper Group, Chairman of Yue Yang Forest and Paper Group
                                        Cecilia Ho, President of Asia International Paper 

12:30-14:00   Lunch

14:00-15:20   Current and Future Development Trends of Global Hardwood Pulp Markets
                        Wanyan Shaohua  Marketing Directorof APRIL GROUP

                        Current and Future Development Trends of Global Softwood Pulp Markets
                        Jimmy Lee   Chairman, President & CEO of Mercer International

                        New Vinda New Era
                        Donna Zhang  CEO of Vinda Group

                        Current and Future Development Trends of Chinese Cartonboard Markets
                        Liu Hanwen  Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai S.E.Z Hongta Paper Co., Ltd

15:20-15:40   Coffee Break

15:40-17:00   Panel Disscussion  Demand and Supply--Global Pulp Markets
                        Host: Guo Haiquan, Vice President of CPICC, Technical Director of Henan Investment Group
                        Guests: Brian Dillon, Director Global Sourcing Fibers,SCA HYGIENE PRODUCTS GMBH
                                       Li Zhan, Deputy  Director of Procurement Center,China Paper Corporation,Director of Procurement Center, Tiger Forest and Paper Group
                                       Ken Duffy, Vice President, Sals Paper Pulp Tembec
                                       Cheng Dongfang, General Manager, Xiamen C&D Paper &Pulp Co., Ltd.
                                       James Li, General Manager Business Unit,Oji Paper International Trading (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd

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