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2024 Shanghai Pulp Week

Venue: Shanghai Marriott Marquis City Centre
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Shanghai Pulp Week

Shanghai Pulp Week is an international annual event hosted by China Paper & Pulp Industry Chamber of Commerce, with full support from local and global renowned paper companies. It has also formed a long-term strategic partnership with leading international pulp manufacturers. It is known as an international industry event with the largest scale, the largest number of participants and the highest level of participants in the global pulp and paper industry.

Shanghai Pulp Week takes place in Shanghai the third week of March each year.

Main Roles

Shanghai Pulp Week plays the roles as following:

To provide an open and fare communication platform for international pulp, paper, raw materials, trade, logistic and financial companies and professionals;

To provide a full range of support to help global pulp suppliers and service providers to enter China market, and China paper producers to understand the global pulp markets;

To help establish a balanced, stable and sustainable pulp market order for the global pulp suppliers and buyers.


With a focus on China and a global perspective, Shanghai Pulp Week has carefully planned innovative activities with the philosophies of fairness, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win to promote the exchanges and collaboration in pulp, papermaking, services, trade and other fields of enterprise. Shanghai Pulp Week has become an influential platform for gathering industry professionals;serving the real economy, impacting on the global pulp market and promoting the stable development of the industry.

Cooperating with Shanghai Pulp Week, partners are not only sponsors, but also the co-organizers. Each partner has right and responsibility to make proposals or suggestions to SPW. CPICC creates an openness and inclusive way to cooperate and provide opportunities for partners to share opinions, make appeals and display corporate value & brands to the public. The fact that Shanghai Pulp Week wins all the support from global pulp industry is because of the attitude and principle of openness, inclusiveness, joint contribution and shared benefits.
Welcome to join Shanghai Pulp Week, a united and energetic family!